About Us

WELCOME to the 5D Travelin' Tavern Headquarters!

There is something special and unique about a bar on wheels, right? Especially one that travels to YOU! Whether you are getting married in the city and are in need of a classy way to booze up your guests, or hosting a casual backyard BBQ, 5D Travelin’ Tavern is at your service. With rental of our full service mobile cocktail bar, you are also accompanied by a fully licensed staff to take care of the heavy lifting so you can relax and enjoy the day. We will do what we do best, and that is popping bottles and mixing cocktails, and we promise we will do it in style!

Both of our mobile cocktail bars are custom, licensed, insured and engineered builds from the ground up to match the layout of our actual cocktail bars you will see inside one of our many Steakhouses. They are fully equipped with top of the line equipment in the industry, to service a crowd of any capacity!


  • Rest assured, no matter the event, 5D Travelin’ Tavern is committed to giving you and your guests a custom and memorable experience that will be talked about for days, and toasted too for years to come!
  • Our Event Coordinator will always be at your service to discuss all the finer details of your event, to assure we have things like the groom’s favorite bourbon, or the birthday girl’s favorite seasonal beer on hand, along with any other special requests to guarantee the event will be PERFECT!